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DSF partnered with Meridian International Center to create an A.I. Policy & Diplomacy Seminar Series. The inaugural Seminar Series will launch in March 2024. Participants will be State Department officers, congressional staff, and private sector experts. Overall, the goal of the series is to allow participants to glean a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and its interplay with foreign policy directly from scientists, academics, and industry experts. The series also fosters desired engagement and connections across sectors of American diplomats, policymakers, and the private sector.


More specifically, the series topics include:


Session 1 - Understanding A.I. Essentials

Session 2 -  Geopolitical Impact of A.I. Today

Session 3 - Exploring the Future of A.I. in Foreign Policy

Session 4 -  A.I. Governance and Multisector Cooperation

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